On May 28, Dr. Hari Kirupananther, MBBS Hons from Fiona Stanley Hospital, Western Australia, presented on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Oncology and Medical Radiations. The event was organised by the Radiation Oncology Workforce Western Australia consortium of state radiotherapy institutions, funded by WA Health’s Cancer and Palliative Care Network, and hosted at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH).

Artificial intelligence represents a disruptive innovation which will change the way we work and live. Significant change is already occurring within the healthcare space and particularly within the sphere of medical radiations. How are we are going to evolve and rise to the challenge of AI becoming a part of day-to-day workflows? What does the future hold for us.
My talk will cover the technology behind Deep Learning and its current applications including its role in the healthcare space. I will also discuss how we can change our practices to flourish in the age of AI.

About the speaker:
Hari Kirupananther has been practising medicine in Western Australia and New Zealand since graduating from UWA in 2010. He has seen the rapid evolution of digital health care provision over the last decade and has been involved in research in this area. Over the last 4 years whilst training in the specialty of radiation oncology, he has been actively involved in discussions regarding implementation of machine learning in the healthcare setting in New Zealand and Australia.
He is an advocate for empathic human interface and patient-centred care, which he believes will be the answer to the growing influence of machine learning in all of our lives.


The presentation was recorded and Dr. Hari Kirupananther has kindly given permission for the recording to be available for public.


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