Today (24th of March, 2021) we hosted Dr. Robert Finnegan from the University of Sydney. Dr. Finnegan’s talk was about his latest research on AI based image processing software.

Speaker: Dr Rob Finnegan

Dr. Rob Finnegan is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney, specialising in image processing tools in radiation therapy. His current research includes developing AI models for image segmentation in lung and breast cancer treatment, and probabilistic modelling of prostate cancer for biologically-optimised radiation therapy. He is involved in developing and implementing software in the clinic, and is passionate about the clinical translational of research.

ABSTRACT: Artificial intelligence opens possibilities in radiotherapy for both retrospective analysis and developing new treatment paradigms. This talk will present two projects demonstrating the capabilities of open-source AI image processing software. First, a tool for automatic contouring of cardiac substructures that has been used to calculate doses in large, retrospective datasets to help understand how incidental cardiac exposure increases risks of toxicities. Second, a framework for developing population-based models of prostate tumour characteristics has been developed, to aid in biologically-optimised radiotherapy.

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