The ACPSEM WA Branch Annual Scientific Meeting was held on Saturday 23rd September. Our students presented their latest research outcomes in this meeting.

acpsem-wa-2017 Left to right: Josh, Rebecca, Dane, Emily, and Mario

The title of their presentations were as follows:

– MultiLeaf Collimator Positioning for Small field Radiotherapy: A New Investigation (Joshua Hiatt)

– Optimising Protocols for the Safe and Efficacious Delivery of Radiation Therapy to Preclinical Models of Medulloblastoma (Rebecca D’Alonzo)

– Assessment of the performance of a pre-patient imaging system using Monte Carlo simulation (Dane Taylor)

– Biological optimization of prostate IMRT based on patient-specific, voxel-level cancer characteristics derived from multiparametric MRI (Emily Her)

– Feasibility test of a mobile C-arm cone-beam CT in interstitial high-dose rate brachytherapy treatment planning (Mario Djukelic)

–  Evaluation of the Clinical Impact of the Linac MLC and Gantry Sag in VMAT (Tom Milan)

– Simultaneous quantification of fat and iron in liver using MRI (Alicia Harvey)


Congratulations to Mario for the award of “John Black Student Prize” for his presentation, and to Benjamin Hug our PhD student for the award of “EPSM-2017 travel award“.

Mario Djukelic receiving the John Black Student Prize from Peter McLoone Chair of WA Branch of the ACPSEM.







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