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International Day of Medical Physics

Today, 7 November, 2013, is the first celebration of the International Day of Medical Physics.  You can learn about its background below or celebrate by taking the quiz (general public or physicist versions).

As medical imaging technologies are evolving rapidly and pioneer radiotherapy techniques have considerably improved the outcome of cancer therapy, medical physicists become more and more important in the clinical environment. Medical physicists also play a key role in medical research and development of new medical technology. Another key activity of medical physicists is education and training of healthcare professionals in medical radiation protection and medical technology. Nevertheless, the general public is not aware of the critical role medical physicists play in providing services in medical, educational and research institutions. It is important to inform the public on the role and responsibilities of medical physicists and draw attention of the media to the important role that medical physics play in the health care system.

To raise awareness of our profession, the International Organization forMedical Physics will celebrate annually the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) on November 7, an important date in the history of medical physics. On that day in 1867, Marie Curie, known for her pioneering research on radioactivity, was born in Poland. ALFIM proposed the idea of celebrating the IDMP and IOMP decided to take the initiative to organize this event. We will celebrate the first IDMP on November 7, 2013. All regional and national organizations are invited to participate by organizing activities such as lectures open to the general public and press appearances.

— Prof. John Damilakis, Chairman of the International Organization for Medical Physics Education and Training Committee



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