This week we welcome Dr Sarah Gulliford, Research Physicist from the Royal Marsden Hospital, who is visiting the Radiation Oncology group at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Prof. Martin Ebert and PhD students, Azrul Yahya and Calyn Moulton, visited collaborators at the Royal Marsden just over a year ago.

Dr Gulliford works on outcomes analysis from trials for prostate and head and neck treatments. Her work includes DVH and NTCP modelling, spatial dose patterns and machine learning. She will spend time with several PhD students and staff working on similar projects, and will present the following talk:

Sneak Preview: A summary of current normal tissue toxicity studies from the Joint Department of Physics, Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital.

Wednesday, 4 February, 1 pm
SCGH Cancer Centre meeting room 1

This talk will present three studies submitted to the 3rd Estro Forum to be held in Barcelona in April 2015.  All three are related to predicting normal tissue toxicity following radiotherapy.  In summary, they consider challenges in delineating and generating a spatial dose-distribution for the bladder trigone; combining the dose distributions to the rectum from external beam and brachytherapy using dose surface maps and developing models to predict acute toxicity following head and neck radiotherapy.




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