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2021 WA Health Hackathon

Congratulations to UWA Medical Physics PhD candidates: Brani Rusanov, Jake Kendrick and Nathaniel Barry for winning the 2021 WA Health Hackathon among 16 participating teams. Very well done young men! We are proud of you.

Here is a short description of the event: The 2021 WA Health Hackathon held on 22nd August consisted of 16 teams vying to provide their best solution to a unique clinical task. Representing the UWA Medical Physics group, Brani Rusanov, Jake Kendrick and Nathaniel Barry formed the SCGH Machine Learning Group and were assigned the “End of Life Prognosis” dataset. The team worked cooperatively over the period of one week to come up with the winning solution, building a machine learning model capable of accurately predicting whether or not a patient should be recommended for palliative care based on 18 highly curated features. Looking ahead, the team plans to work with stakeholders to expand the solution for commercialisation and clinical use. As part of their prize, the team has received $20,000 in Amazon Web Services credits, along with one-on-one discussion sessions with industry leaders in AI.


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