Dr Pejman Rowshan Farzad teaches Radiotherapy Physics, Radiation Biology and Protection,

Radiation Physics and Dosimetry, Medical Imaging Physics and coordinates the Medical Physics postgraduate program at UWA. He’s particularly passionate about modern techniques in radiotherapy, medical imaging, nuclear medicine and the application of AI in medicine. Thanks to this passion for his work, Pejman recently won a 2021 UWA Excellence in Teaching Excellence Award.

Pejman says that he is so proud to see his graduates become so successful in the competitive job market. “I get positive comments on their performance at work as knowledgeable and responsible individuals,” he said.

Why does Pejman love working at UWA? “I have the privilege of teaching some of the brightest, most hardworking and talented students in Australia because of the high standards of undergraduate education. This is important since most of the medical physics graduates join the health system workforce.” He also acknowledges the fantastic support he receives from the School of Physics, Mathematics and Computing here.

We asked Pejman to share some advice on how you can get the most out of your time at uni. This is what he had to say:

“Find you passion, have a study plan, be mindful of your schedule, work hard, attend relevant workshops, take relevant units which provide you with skills required for your future career, speak to coordinators and listen to their advice, improve communication skills, join social activities at the uni.”

Thank you for being such a fantastic teacher, Pejman, and congratulations on your award.


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