In the ocean of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Forrest Research Foundation is an island of opportunity, offering 3-year post-doctoral fellowships to the world’s truly exceptional early career researchers.

Forrest post-doctoral fellows are more than just intellectually brilliant. They are adventurous, curious, open to ideas from anywhere. They embrace unusual approaches to problem-solving and take risks others may not. They enjoy breaking with convention – the path less travelled is appealing because new frontiers offer new opportunities for discovery. They are intellectually generous and take time to understand and challenge ideas, collaborating to improve outcomes for the community and the world.

Applications open now to 1 June 2020; fellowships commence from January 2021.

The Forrest Research Fellowship program is designed to accelerate opportunity for outstanding researchers by providing:
Personalised development plans, mentoring and support
Unrivalled access to academic and entrepreneurial leaders, generous funding and career opportunity partnerships
A stimulating intellectual environment in Forrest Hall, a place to live, learn and share with a global community of multi-disciplinary researchers
Forrest Research Fellowships are open to outstanding early-career researchers of any nationality and working in any discipline; they can be held at any of Western Australia’s five universities.

Forrest Fellowships are offered to early-stage post-doctoral researchers who have outstanding academic profiles and who have already made significant personal research contributions within and beyond their discipline. Forrest Fellows will have been among the top performing students in their undergraduate and graduate cohorts. They will normally already have gained high-level research experience through studying and researching in a number of different institutions, and their innovative doctoral research will be recognised well beyond their current institutional home. Forrest Fellows will wish to extend their post-doctoral research well beyond the focus of their doctoral dissertation, and will aim to do so in a way that builds intellectual bridges within and between disciplines. Forrest Fellows will also be committed to communicating their research to others, and to use it to have a positive impact on the world around us.

Forrest Fellows will reside in Forrest Hall and provide valuable mentoring Forrest Scholars and provide leadership to the Forrest Research Foundation.

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