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CLEAR Study, an initiative of Cancer Council NSW, is an open access resource for cancer research studies.

The CLEAR Study has collected data from over 10,000 people with and without cancer to provide a better understanding of the genetic and environmental causes of cancer in NSW. This information is available to the cancer research community (subject to appropriate scientific and ethical approval). It has the potential to save cancer researchers a great deal of data collection time and money, so expediting projects.

Please contact the CLEAR Data Access Coordinator soon if you are interested in using CLEAR data or blood samples for a 2015 project grant application. The CLEAR Secretariat will be able to offer advice on suitability of the CLEAR data for the purposes of your study, and to provide a quote. The Expert Advisory Committee may be able to offer in principle approval prior to submission of your application.

See further information about the study at http://clearstudy.org.au/info-for-researchers and in the Researchers Toolkit.”




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