Azrul Yahya presenting at ESTRO

Three members of the Radiation Oncology group had the privilege of attending the 2015 ESTRO meeting in Barcelona. This is one of the world’s premier conferences in Radiation Oncology, which this year combined presentations of research activities spanning clinical radiation oncology, medical physics, radiation therapy technology, brachytherapy and radiobiology.

PhD students Calyn Moulton and Azrul Yahya presented their work in analysing side-effect incidence as recorded during the Australasian RADAR prostate radiotherapy trial. Prof Martin Ebert presented the outcomes of a study to compare theoretical vs experimental accumulation of DNA damage during intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer.The representatives took the opportunity to further our work with collaborators from the United Kingdom, Italy and from other Australian sites. They were able to gather new knowledge from emerging international research results, with a strong interest currently in the mounting evidence for unique radiobiological effects at high radiation dose per-fraction, and the interaction between radiotherapy and immunotherapy.





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