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Medical Physics Internship Experience

Today we have a guest post from Ryan Begley, a UWA physics undergraduate student who worked with the medical physics group during the university break.

Over the university vacation I undertook a 5 week internship with the Medical Physics Research Group. My supervisor, Professor Martin Ebert, found a great project for me that was interesting and tied in with my second major. It was fun getting to know and to work with the other members of the research group, clinical physicists and staff at the hospital.

My project was to conduct a review of the latest research into radiation therapy techniques for pediatric brain tumors. My review had a particular focus on comparison of the more established photon therapies and developing and controversial proton therapies. Proton therapies are predicted by some to provide significant reductions in treatment induced morbidities and particularly in intellectual impairment. I had the opportunity to consult with senior physicists and physicians and felt the project had a real significance and impact. I got to observe radiation therapy treatment of brain tumor and lung cancer. I also presented some research work at a state conference for medical scientists.

I really enjoyed my time with the Medical Physics Research Group and hope to get the chance to return in the near future.

Ryan Begley
Physics Undergraduate Student, UWA






  • Monika tomar says:

    Looking for internship as a medical physicist. I am doing masters in medical radiation physics.

    • uwamedicalphysics says:

      There are limited casual training job opportunities for our students at UWA.
      But we cannot offer them to graduates of other universities.

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